I forgot I had this little space to call my own. What has been going on. Not much really.  Relationship started and ended. That was fun, interesting, heartbreaking.  I started a business The Cosme Pro, that's going okay. I don't invest as much time as I should into it, but I am still doing okay as far as a side business goes.  The kid is amazing as usual. She's 16 now, yes I am that old. Short and sweet update. Peace to you and yours. 


This website was really a cool website to visit and you have done a lot of working on this website. You should really start working on this website because this can become a good spot to visit for everyone.

02/23/2017 3:57pm

It's amazing that you already have a business at such a young age. Can you tell us something about the Cosme Pro? What kind of business is it that you don't invest as much time as you should? I'm older than you, but I'm still studying. I'm planning on having a business too once I graduated. It's because I want to have a business that I own and I don't want to be an employee of someone for the rest of my life.


This is so funny. Yes, you have this space and you can share anything you want here! We are always here to listen and read all your sentiments. As a reader, I enjoy reading personal blogs because that's where I can relate too. I believe that it's time for you to be more open, especially to yourself. By the way, always be open to other people, you'll get the benefit of it once you're old already!

Your blog is very simple and cool at the same time. With many things happen in your life, you will forget that you have a blog. It’s nice that you enjoy your life every day and many things happen and you experience them. By reading your blog, I think that you’ve been going in the right path. You have a business, I also curious on what your business, the name of your business is very unique. I would like to try and go to your business.

02/08/2017 6:47am

You have your own business now? That's awesome! Tell me about it.

02/13/2018 5:12am

Well, it's good for you to have it. I need my own place right now as well.


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